A very warm welcome to »amo-office-service«!

»Words are our world« – this slogan indicates our team’s enthusiasm for words. Perhaps one of our word creations from our “word factory” will soon present to your clients the marketing and communication aspects of your company. Whether all you need is SEO optimisation, online text or an offer for a product package – we at »amo-office-service« transpose your ideas with the vitality required into high-quality text.

Every idea needs top quality when transposed into words

Without you our corporate strategy is just an idea. With every tailor-made offer we make we also improve our working methods. In the era of Internet communication we attach great importance to online text which is highly optimized. Your success is proof of our corporate concept at »amo-office-service«.

To us high-quality text means more than formulation and correction, more than presenting the context and even more than choosing the correct words or the integration of SEO terms. Take a look around the web pages of »amo-office-service«!. Discover what we can do for your online text or your own ”Universe of Words”. If a service which you need is not listed then contact us directly and you can be sure than we can help you further.

Offers for all general needs

Dictate the text directly to us on the telephone or send us an audio file. We will make it into a WORD file – ask us to make you an offer. Dictation is also the basis for catchwords. And at the same time you can ask us to optimize the page online with SEO criteria. Stop getting upset about mistakes that have been overlooked in the script. We will send the finished document as an online text in MS WORDS or – should you wish to reach a client directly in the form of a letter – we at »amo-office-service« will send this directly to the required address.

Our range of services also comprises additional corporate activities such as error-free data entry or drafting documents in accordance with valid DIN norms. “amo-office-service” does not produce bland word for word translations. Perhaps you would like your texts to be more imaginative instead of being adapted to SEO criteria? No problem. Our team is very flexible and offers clients texts in the form they desire.

Services relating to specific sectors

Long-term cooperation is an indicator of the qualities of the services we offer. In place of text you may need to present company-internal processes or to create an overview of an entire project through a staff chart. Ask us to make an offer – »amo-office-service« provides you with more than SEO terms in an online text.

As a client you can benefit from the texting experience of »amo-office-service« in a large number of sectors, for example, medicine, homeopathy, quality management, in the commercial and financial sectors and of course in providing you with high-quality translations. We know your text even before you are ready to ask us to make an offer. Rely on the SEO experience of our small company and gain high visibility in top quality for your company through well written online text.