About us

We, the team at »amo-office-service«, are a group of mothers with a love of language and a wealth of experience. Before having children we worked in industry, commerce and in the medical sector. There transcripts, translations, drafting online texts – also in line with SEO cirteria – and all word processing were our daily bread. So take advantage of our experience and see how we can contribute with our knowledge of texting to your project.

Conscious cooperation for optimal flexibility – practically overnight!

Since 2011 we have been using the time window of our children’s education for the particular benefit of the client. The required draft contract must be on the table at the start of business tomorrow and be available online to all contracting parties. But how do you get the transcripts of the preliminary negotiations so quickly? The text for your new product requires SEO work – but overnight if possible. You certainly know the situation that your idea is simply destroyed by time pressure when you try yourself to draft the text. That is what we at »amo-office-service« are here for. Use our overnight service. Also for translations – our team is there for you.

Our motto is: »We turn night into day« …and for a very good reason. That is when our children are asleep! We complete the texts for you, the urgent SEO adaption, transcripts or a version of your online text which search engines love. We enjoy working with your texts. So enjoy your evening off and trust in our professional work.

Where does all the specialist knowledge come from?

We were all employed before having children. Some of us have learned specialist texts in medicine, telecommunications, quality and project management and in property management. Others gathered SEO experience and or completed transcripts in line with the rules laid down, for example, for reporting and/or texting for magazines and portals. For creating advertisements for the press we learned how to produce online texts from scratch.

Transportation at first glance seems to have little to do with texts or SEO optimisation. But in the sectors of transportation and warehousing there is a lot of texting and organisation involved. You wish to offer an energy service and to supplement your expertise to offer an online text or to use your recorded consultation appointment for training purposes as a transcript? Then make use of our wealth of knowledge.

Test our versatility!

Our situation as mothers complements our professional knowledge extremely well. For children themselves are not only creative. They also give us spontaneous ideas which are perhaps the perfect solution for your next online text.

Give »amo-office-service« a try! Transcripts according to your rules or as pure dictation, an SEO text for your next project portfolio – your requirements as a client are our challenges and we look forward to them.