The client has an idea of what he wants

Each client has his own ideas and often it is really difficult to do full justice to this. That is why it is essential that the client requiring SEO texts explains very precisely his wishes and requirements. A lot can be solved with a sample text but not everything. A good SEO texter knows what is needed in a text and can adapt quickly to the client’s wishes. An indication of a good, service-oriented SEO agency is to offer a small sample text free of charge. This allows each party to form an impression of each other and avoid problems down the line. The client should be in a position to describe precisely his target group or even state which information the text should contain. The less text the more difficult it becomes as it maximises the space for the texter; this, at least, is the experience of amo-office-service. But there is also the risk of delivering the wrong text. This is where the experience of the texter plays a role.