A new SERP is ready to be launched

To date queries were always free of charge but with the new SERP everything will change. As clients now have to pay for their advertising they must be offered more for their money. This means in turn that the advertising will have improved visualization. The images will also be enlarged. SERP is an issue of search engine rankings and that is why the queries will be used to blend in the advertising. Search results which Google was not paid for will then simply slip deeper and will become less interesting for the user of search engines. This it is why it is important in the area of SEO to make optimal use of search engine optimisation. Of course this also requires the proper high-quality texts. Google’s plans will be introduced in the USA in the autumn. It is only a question of time until this appears in the German version of Google. This is why everyone who wants a top ranking for their website should concern themselves with SEO texts as early as possible.