Are link exchanges useful?

Why is the link exchange really useful? The answer is simple as a page to which there are many links must have interesting content. But this is only true to a degree. Today the pages are tested for their quality and if the page meets the requirements set only then does it appear on the SERP. There is no sense in acquiring a large quantity of links and to put these on the website. The search engines are out of their infancy and it is much more important that they want to and have to earn money. That is why they must be interesting for the Internet user. If a link is placed in a meaningless text the reader has no interest in reading such texts. It was much worse earlier when sites contained only links. As a result many users simple lost the enjoyment of surfing the web. This situation has changed and amo-office-service has a role in this. Writing good, meaningful texts is the challenge our team faces. Information content must be high.