Unique content is not a meaningless phrase

Today marketing products and services has become quite simple. One could easily believe that but it is not so simple. It is true that a lot of people who wish to distribute their products and services over the Internet would like to see it that way but it is not the case. Search engines have become extremely demanding. Texts are tested on the Internet to see if they have duplicate content. Should the text be unique the page with the unique content is shown on the search results of the search engines. If it turns out to be a copy of another text, it is not displayed. Please do not misunderstand this. If it identifies only a few similar passages the pages are excluded by the search engine. For this reason each text should have unique content. As the flood of information on the Internet is set to increase exponentially in the coming years, it will become increasingly difficult to avoid duplicating content. But such content is tolerated to a certain degree. However, this should be avoided for purely legal reasons as intellectual property rights exist in such cases.